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The Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak is an inescapable fact of life. We are victims of it, we cause it and, worst of all, we often ignore this form of pain. We might go years without disaster, but eventually it will strike. And when it does, we find ourselves checked back in to the Heartbreak Hotel. Yet in the midst of despair, there is a light; there is hope for us. There is something that promises the ability to cope, but more importantly … thrive.

***The Heartbreak Hotel is a book based off a teaching and message series created during Joey’s ministry as a student pastor in Dallas, Texas.
The book is a collection of stories and teaching points as to how to avoid pain and heartbreak and what to do once you are heartbroken.

Multiple churches and ministries have used this concept as a teaching series. We want to help you do that. Browse our site and download the necessary resources you need to implement, The Heartbreak Hotel. Also, if you need our help in any way, we are here to serve you with ideas, notes, or additional resources.

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